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I consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have worked on book cover designs with some amazing authors, both locally and nationally. Here are a few past projects, with a few more in the pipeline to be revealed soon upon publishing.

Jan Murray, local author, baby nurse and founder
of Settle Petal

Local author and baby nurse, Jan Murray, approached me regarding cover design for her latest book, Mum & Baby, Together We Learn. She loved the new design so much that we re-designed her first book cover, Taste It, and a further 2 titles to create a consistent series of books.

Jodie Hedley-Ward, author of You Sexy Mother

My involvement with the design for You Sexy Mother started after Jodie's first book had been published. She was looking for a feminine website which appealed visually to her readers. We came up with the design based on her first book cover with the floral elements, taking it a step further with the introduction of a hand drawn, natural paper look. I also assisted with the design of Jodie's 3rd book, The Body Bible, as well as design for all marketing and branding materials.

Jenni Salisbury, author of Little Blessings

I met with local author Jenni Salisbury during 2011 to discuss design for a book she was writing about her personal journey through the IVF process. The initial meeting led to the opportunity to design something beautifully feminine which was very personal to Jenni, inspiring her to keep writing. Her book, Little Blessings, was completed and published in 2012. If you would like to follow Jenni's blog, please visit

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